Morimoto Street Food


As I long for the warm weather and my mind keeps drifting back to Walt Disney World (I know shocking).  I wanted to share some thoughts on Morimoto Street Food in Disney Springs.  Tucked in right next to Morimoto Asia, this little gem packs all the excitement and adventure of Morimotos but in a more relaxed way (for less money of course).

So what is Street Food Anyways???

I love how Chef Morimoto described Street Food
With plenty of seating outside to enjoy the beauty of the newly imagined Disney springs, this spot is perfect to just sit back, relax, and get some great food.


The crystal clear water is so peaceful while eating
Now lets look at the menu.

At quick glance, I was excited to try the Bao Tacos that I heard so much about and I had to be adventurous and get the takoyaki.   With the great prices I suggest try something new and different.  Its not going to ‘break the bank’ even if you don’t like it.  You’ve got to wash it all down with the Singapore slush.


The Verdict:  Delicious! I got the Kalbi Bao Tacos; short rib, kimchi, scallions on a soft steamed bun.  It was fresh and flavorful.  Some people are not kimchi fans, for those people I can say this kimchi was not over-bearing.  It was just right and added a depth of flavor with the perfectly cooked short ribs.  So what about the tokoyaki (octopus)?  This scared me a bit, but as I said, had to be adventurous.  The flavor was quite good but the texture was a little softer than I expected.  It wasn’t bad at all…just different, I was expecting a harder fritter.   Finally, the Singapore Slush, on a warm Florida day this hit the spot perfectly!

One of the best things about the newly imagined Disney Springs are all the new and different food offerings.  Morimoto Street Food didn’t disappoint, it hit the spot and it was adventurous, but not crazy adventurous…it was just right.  The quality of the food, the price, the choices, the view, all add to a great meal. So the next time you are down in the Springs, make sure you check out Morimotos Street Food, you won’t be sorry.

Pen was borrowed for photo and put back on the counter.  



Joffrey’s News

Great News from Joffrey’s in the newsletter this month!

Lets see what’s brewing…




Resolutions, resolutions.  Whatever your plans for success this year, we hope we are a tasty part of your day.  Below please find our latest seasonal coffee, tea and limited time beverages that your fans will love to hear about.  As always, thanks for spreading the Joffrey’s love.


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Cupid’s Kiss Latte:    You won’t forget your first kiss, a rich espresso shot blended with caramel & coconut syrups, dark chocolate and creamy steamed milk.


Valentine’s White Mocha:   A dreamy blend of rich espresso, white chocolate syrup, raspberry and creamy steamed milk.


Amore Cocoa Latte:   Fall in love with our rich espresso flavored with dark chocolate sauce, light coconut syrup and creamy steamed milk.


All available Hot or over ice.  Make it spirited by adding a shot of Bailey’s Irish Crème, Grey Goose Vodka, Kahlua or Jameson Irish Whisky!




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TASTING NOTES:   a blend of our 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Beans dark roasted to a brown so deep it borders on black. Robustly aromatic with hints of caramel and chocolate with a beautifully smoky finish that delightfully lingers.


BIG NEWS COMING to MAGIC KINGDOM:  please stay tuned as we unveil exciting offerings at the Magic Kingdom Park


VALENTINES FLAVORS OF LOVE GIFT SET:  Available at the end of January, Joffrey’s will offer a great gift set that includes a 1-lb bag of our best selling flavored coffee and 7oz bag of chocolate covered espresso beans all tucked into a cute red gift box.  Set will include Angels Kiss Coffee, Sinful Delight Coffee or Le Cellier Coffee and chocolate espresso bean bundles. Find it at


JOFFREY’S LOCATIONS LOCATOR Want to find all the places Joffrey’s is served at the Disney Parks & Resorts, use this handy online locator:



The Disney Planner. Random Thoughts on Preparing for a Trip to Disney.

Welcome to a series of articles I will be writing about prepping for a trip to WDW. This series is just a jumper of ideas that pop into my head when traveling to WDW. In preparing for a runDisney trip on January 6, I have already started packing while folding this morning’s batch of laundry.

So with that, I present to you my random thoughts on packing for WDW:

1: Take a Picture of your checked luggage:


This might seem strange since you know what bag you are taking, but go with me here.  Twice Magical Express has sent my bag home on an earlier flight. I waited and waited, yet no bag dropped. When I went to the airline baggage office I was asked what my bag looked like. I showed them the picture along with the claim check. It turned out my bag was in one of their closets. The lady helping me said she wished everyone would take a picture of their bag because  seeing the picture of my luggage tag helped her find the bag faster.  In this case it was the best thing I could have done for myself.


2: Pack singles in your carry-on and wallet:

In this world of apple pay, credit card points, and debit cards, cash is not used as much. I for one hardly use cash anymore and, as a result I have been in the embarrassing situation of not being able to tip the Magical Express driver , valet driver, or the bell man. Putting singles on your packing list will help avoid such embarrassing situations.

3: The best way to save space while packing, the Skivvy Roll:


This one is just practical. Who wants to risk breaking a zipper on their luggage due to over packing? This will clear up space in the long run. Refer to the direction here to learn how to make a Skivvy Roll. Also here’s a video.

Well that’s it for now. Do you have any travel tips? Let me know in the comments below.

Rock you like a Hurricane part 1

Our ten-year anniversary trip to the World was a world of firsts for the wife and I: First solo trip, first Food and Wine, first stay at our DVC home, first trip without kids, and first time vacationing during a hurricane warning.  Hurricane Mathew was bearing down on Florida and the entire east coast.  My home state of SC was preparing for coastal evacuations and my place of work put us all on alert.  We could have stayed home (contemplated it actually…but no, we are stubborn and really needed a vacation.

The trip was planned for Wednesday, October 5th to Sunday, October 9th and already the week had thrown about 6,534 monkey wrenches into the spokes of our plans…the vacation was in jeopardy.  My kid’s schools were canceled and grandma couldn’t take off work to watch kids all day.  Enter other grandma and cousins.  They stepped up and took on the challenge that is an 8-year-old and hyper-active 4-year-old with special needs. On the day of departure, the good governor of South Carolina planned on reversing I-95 at 3:00pm, that’s ok, we would be out of the state by then.  The kicker: the wife and I have jobs that are considered essential during natural disasters.  Both us received emails from our respected work places telling us that every one is on alert and to not make any plans.  In a panic we called our supervisors and was informed that since we put in for vacation time that we would be ok.

Our departure time was adjusted due to the ‘no school thing’.  Instead of dropping the boys off at school at 7:30 and leaving after, we had to wait for the grandma to come over and we didn’t leave until about 9.  No biggie, we could adjust.  The commute down was uneventful, and thank Thor we didn’t run into any heavy traffic on the south bound side of 95! We arrived in the world around 3:30, and by the time we settled in at the Polynesian, we had missed 2 of our Hollywood Studios’ Fastpasses. The decision was made to ‘phone it in’ on park time and just went to the new and improved outdoor shopping mall, I mean, Disney Springs.


October 6th, 2016 is a day that will never be forgotten.  The wife and I awoke and prepared for a day at Epcot.  The weather was not bad: Cloudy, windy and a little rain.  Hurricane Matthew was about 40 miles off the coast of Florida and was predicted not to make land fall. We arrived in Epcot and headed over to purchase a stroller for the day.  Then we realized that we didn’t have the kids with us, smiled and continued on our way.  Now, I was happy to be in Epcot and was ready to hit the attractions; but I was excited for my first ever Food and Wine Festival and the time in Future World was just some filler until World Showcase opened up.  The rain had started to get a little heavier and high quality Disney umbrellas were purchased.  We rode Soarin’ a few times, enjoyed Living with the Land and Spaceship Earth. We then made our way over to Test Track…but who are we kidding, it was raining.

11:00 am hit, World Showcase had opened, and my first ever Food and Wine Festival had commenced.  The plan was to take it slow, hit all the places that I wanted to first, then wander around and say, “that looks good.”  We would eat until  we got full, take a break, then hit Le Cellier for dinner.  If timed just right, when we exited Le Cellier we would hopefully walk right into the beginning of Illuminations

Well, all was going to plan until I hit my first station.  I walked into the Craft Beer pavilion and ordered my flight of beers.  As I was trying to pick up 3 beers in a holder without spilling it, I noticed Cast Members huddled around.  I didn’t give it much attention, maybe it was a last-minute “Do it for Walt!” kinda pep talk.  The team leader or manager was not talking loud, but loud enough to where I could make out some mumbles.  Then I heard the words that will haunt me till the day I die, “be prepared to close early tonight, and come in late tomorrow.”  I panicked, and didn’t realize that I was staring at the team blatantly eavesdropping.  The team leader asked “anything else, sir?” I told her I was fine, but that was a cold-hearted lie.  I was not fine.  I was scared.

I exited the Craft Beer pavilion and found my bride and informed her of the impending doom.  She went to the powder room to prepare for what was to come.  As I was waiting, I downed my 3, 2 ounce pours of craft deliciousness and saw a Cast Member.  I asked, “is it true that y’all (I say y’all) are closing early?”  He replied with a smile, “yes sir. probably around 5.” I gave the gentleman my thanks with a smile.  The wife and reunited and made a game plan. She was bummed due to the early closing eliminating our Le Cellier ADR. Instead of strolling casually through Epcot, we would hit the place with purpose.  No unnecessary stopping, no time to savor and no time to take pictures.  We wanted to be done by 4 pm to beat the stampede at 5.  We headed towards the Mexico Pavilion and began to journey.

This is where it gets sad.  I cannot to this day recall in detail what I ate.  I know we stopped at the American Pavillion and had the seafood thing, and a waffle delight from the Belgium kiosk.  But all I can say was, it was good…we didn’t have a bad dish.  Unfortunately due to the speed and lack of note taking and ‘social mediaing’ our finds, I just don’t remember the fine details of my first ever Food and Wine Festival.  As mentioned before, we started out at Mexico and ended in Canada.  And when we were at about Norway, the loud speakers stopped playing music and an announcer confirmed: “Disney Parks will be closing at 5 pm today (Thursday) and will not be open until 8 am Saturday.” Once the World Showcase Lap was completed, we just decided to head back to the Poly.  We had plenty of time to make it back through and get go to the kiosks that we missed, but what was the point?  We just wanted to get out of there.  So we boarded our bus of sadness and headed to our room.


By the time we got back to the Poly, the winds had picked up and the rain became a little more heavier.  The lobby was a buzz with activity.  We sludged back to our room and changed out of our wet clothes.  The little red message button on our phone was blinking, mocking us.  The nice lady on the other line again mention that the parks will be closed on Friday and that there was a 11:00 pm curfew for all resort guests on Oct 6 and we would essentially be on lock down on Friday until further notice.  That is right, confined to our room until the Mouse decided it was safe for us to venture out.  What a great vacation.

Well, this ends Part 1 of our ten-year anniversary dream vacation.  On the next episode you will get a glimpse into the mind of a man trapped inside the Happiest Place on Earth.

runDisney Rookie Year: Going All In


  1. (noun) the action or movement of a runner 
  2. (adj) Denoting something that runs
  3. (verb) movement of a speed faster than a walk

Any way you slice it, defining ‘running‘ is the perfect antithesis to me. I am 6’4″ and ALL of 250 lbs, but thought 2016 would be a great year to: 1. Get in shape, and 2. Try out this runDisney phenomenon. My family are all runners, and the kids have both been competitive at cross country…so I’ve always wanted to join in on their misery…sorry, “joy”. 

Full disclosure: I’ve played sports my whole life…so I’m not opposed to short bursts of running for a reason , but never was a fan of ‘jogging’ (I think it’s pronounced ‘yogging’ with a soft ‘j’). Being an avid Disney fan, I’m always looking for my next new experience…runDisney was always on my radar.

Testing the waters: Princess 5K

Rare characters like Tourist Genie from Aladdin make it special (I forgive him for stepping on my foot)
First up was the Disney Princess Half-Marathon Weekend (Feb.). I’ve run a few 5K’s, so this was a distance that wasn’t too intimidating (even though the feminine title was). Getting up early was a different story…here’s how the math plays out: 

  • 5K start time: 6 am
  • Walk to corrals: 5 am
  • Unload from buses (long, cold walk) and go through security: 4:30 am
  • Load bus at resort: 4:10 am 
  • Bus stop at resort: 3:50 am
  • Wake, getting ready and eat small breakfast: 2:30 am

That’s right…2:30 am!! Now this is just the 5K. Roll back all times for 10K and 1/2 marathon which start at 5:30 am. This is definitely a labor of love for runDisney fans. 

Running through EPCOT at dawn though was sublime

Turning to the Dark Side Challenge

When Disney announced the Star Wars runDisney events (Light Side in Disneyland, Dark Side at WDW), the little fanboy in me did something totally insane: I signed up for my first runDisney ‘Challenge’. A ‘Challenge’ is generally defined by Disney as 2-5 runs with special medals for each completion. For the Dark Side Challenge (April), the runs consisted of 10K and 1/2 marathon (Sat., Sun.). Keep in mind, I had never run more than a 5K and I was attempting successive runs of 10K  and 1/2 marathons! I was dealing with an injury on top of it all…but somehow I pulled it off!

For the inaugural 10K Star Wars run at WDW, I decided to cosplay. I was Boba Fett’s Waterboy (crossover from the Adam Sandler character). I even went as far as having a legit water back-pack with not one but two paper cup dispensers (I was proud of this costume).

Who designed a customized Boba Fett themed shoe from Adidas: THIS GUY!
 Sure, it was an amazing experience…one might even say “Once in a lifetime”, because I don’t ever plan to do another challenge again! I ended up losing 3 toenails, had swollen knees for a week, and had to get a steroid shot in my foot when it was all over. They can take my toenails…but they can’t take my memories.
Did this happen? It already feels like light years away

Superheroes are Superest at Disneyland

Finally, I was told by many runDisney enthusiasts that the coup de grâce of runDisney is at Disneyland…so that’s where we went for the Superheroes Weekend (Nov.). Word of caution: to be able to fully enjoy the advantages of running at Disneyland, it is to stay onsite and preferably at the Disneyland Hotel which is NOT cheap. The Disneyland Hotel not only hosts the Runners Expo (where you have to go for your bib, shirt, etc.), but also is about 300 yards from the start and finish of the races! Remember the times I quoted earlier from a typical WDW race…well, we strolled out of our hotel to walk over at 5:00 am for our 5:30 am race.  Plus, we were still on central time which felt like 7:00 am…not bad at all.

No time for characters, but plenty of time for selfies

The Disneyland runDisney event was everything positive we had heard and more. For the 10K we ran through both parks and Downtown Disney and it was full of amazing sights and sounds throughout. We had a later corral, so we weren’t able to do any meets with characters…but that’s OK, I’m not even a big Marvel fan…just running through these pinnacles of Disney theme park master work was reward enough. 

I have a tempered expectation with runDisney now. On one hand, it’s an exclusive Disney experience offering a rare glimpse inside the empty parks with often rare and exciting characters. On the other hand, they are VERY expensive, often held on off-peak times as a scheduling stop-gap (conflicting with school schedules), are mostly SUPER early morning events (not a morning person). The biggest complaint coming from a Disney theme park geek, the runs cut into my theme park touring energy budget. All this being true, we will eventually do another event…there’s a good chance it will be Disneyland, but don’t count out another Star Wars run from a Star Wars geek 😉

Bonus: all the free ice you want at the end of the races

Highway in the sky. Worth it?

The new Highway in the Sky Dine-Around gives guests priority boarding on the monorail for an unparalleled dining journey around the circuit between Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Disney’s Contemporary Resort. (credit Disney Parks blog)  But is it worth the 150 dollar price tag?  That is the question.  With all the add-ons being introduced by Disney lately, many people are screaming “enough is enough” and “just another money grab.”  I tend to agree that the add-ons are a little much lately but this one I truly believe is worth it.

Lets break it down:  Stop 1.  The Wave of American Flavors at the Contemporary for a welcome specialty cocktail.  Specialty cocktails at The Wave average $10.55.


Back onto the Monorail, with priority seating I might add, heading to the Poly for island inspired sips and appetizers.  I went to Kona for these next prices just as a way to compare since it didn’t say specifically where.  Average Kona cocktail is $10.75 and average appetizer $8.99.  As we can see the price is climbing a bit already.

Back onto the Monorail to the flagship resort: The Grand Floridian.  Enjoy an entree and wine pairing at Citricos.  Average price for an entree at Citricos is $40.25 and with a wine pairing add about 10 dollars.  After dinner you will sip sparkling wine and sample artisanal cheese.  Sparkling wine is $11.75 and the Cheese board at Citricos goes for $18.  Lets cut that in half to 9 dollars.

Photo Credit: Disney 
One more time on the monorail for a trip back to the Contemporary for desert, cordials and coffee in time to see Wishes.  Wishes Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace goes for 40 dollars.

Lets do the math:

$10.55  The Wave


$8.99    Kona




$9.00     Citricos

$40.00   Dessert Party

$20.00  Valet Parking

Grand Total:  $151.26:   That is taking the averages of what you are getting and not adding gratuity or taxes.  Once you add gratuity, taxes and valet parking you are well over $150 if you were doing this on your own.  For the $150 price tag for this special event that Disney is offering, the gratuity is included but tax is not. Maybe I am just drinking the Disney “Kool-Aid” but to me there is some great value here.  I believe that this experience would be great for an anniversary or birthday for a couple.  I could also see a group of friends getting together to do this.  Maybe a Mickey Dudes meet up??   This experience is being offered Tuesday, Friday and Saturdays  starting December 2.   For reservations, 407-WDW-DINE.  If anyone does this let us know how it is.

The Wave! What a hidden gem!

The Wave of American Flavors is a restaurant that I have wanted to try for some time but, for one reason or another, never got around to it.  I have read subpar reviews and I have read some really good reviews.  It was time to see for myself and make up my own mind.  All I can say is:  WOW!!!! Hidden gem award goes to The Wave!  I went this past trip with my wife and 6 year old for breakfast and we all left extremely happy.  The buffet options, the food offerings, the service, the price were all amazing!  Next time you are around and might be heading to the Magic Kingdom in the morning, The Wave is a great place to start your day and then walk on over.  You won’t be sorry , and try the green stuff its delicious!

Located in the Contemporary
At $24 for an adult and $13 for a child The Breakfast Buffet is a real hidden gem!
We had to change our reservation on the same day, and that was not a problem at all.  The staff was more than accommodating and incredibly nice.  Our server Michelle may have been one of the nicest Cast Members we have ever had the pleasure to interact.  Inside was elegant and inviting, not overly crowded, and the buffet was set to the back to not be in anyone’s way while dining.

Now onto the food.  Please understand I am no photographer and these were taken with my iPhone.  The pictures do not do the food justice.  Just let me say this: Everything we ate was fresh, hot and delicious!

I absolutely love Eggs Benedict and these were out of sight!!! The key lime hollandaise sauce was so different and so good!   Next to the Mickey Waffles you can see a peek of the sweet potato pancakes (sweet and delicious like dessert for breakfast).


Fresh fruit and some grits with Tillamook cheddar and bacon.  Now being from the north I can not get good grits anywhere.  These were some phenomenal grits!unnamed-35

My Full plate, one of many.  I can not say enough good things about The Wave!  Maybe I went in with lower expectations than with other restaurants.  Well those expectations were blown out of the water!  What a great meal all around.  Have any of you gone to The Wave?  What did you think?  Let me know.

Plussing Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party

Last month I talked about how I would add Halloween fun to other parts of the Walt Disney World Resort that currently don’t celebrate the season. This month I figured I would take it back to the Magic Kingdom and tell you how I would plus Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party if I were in charge.

This coming holiday season Disney Springs will play host to a Christmas tree walk. All sorts of Disney themed trees will be placed along a path for the viewing pleasure of guests.  My idea: why not bring a jack o’ lantern walk complete with trick or treating to Tom Sawyer’s Island. I personally would love to experience this part of the park at night. Logistically, they might have to close the island earlier then it usually closes, but for 2 months it would be so worth it.

Imagine the creepy fog effect all over Tom Sawyer’s Island!

Next I would relocate Jack and Sallie’s meet and greet to Storybook Circus where Jack meets during the Christmas party. This will put these characters far away from the parade route. That leaves room for a Nightmare Before Christmas themed float in Mickey’s Boo to You Halloween Parade. Having these characters in the parade is a no brainer. I can’t understand why this has yet to happen.

Jack and Sally are the rock stars of MNSSHP

On the main stage, I would  light the black candle and conjur the Sanderson Sisters for a meet and greet. Since this would sure prove to be popular, I would distribute wrist bands for this interaction color coded to help with traffic. I would put the band distribution far back in the park on the walkway between the Tomorrow Land Speedway and Storybook Circus. The sisters then would meet between shows. Each show would be a different color wrist band.  It might overwork the sisters, but they have been at rest for 23 years.
Currently, this is as close we can get to the Sanderson Sisters (and our beloved Oogie Boogie too)

Finally, in the Diamond Horseshoe I would have a haunted mansion ball room dancing show. How Epic would that be?

Thanks to MickeyDude Jeff Williams (@braindud92) for the photos

Aristocrepes Review

With news that AristoCrepes is going seasonal, Thanks to WDW News Today

I felt that it was a good time to give my quick review on it.

No one really in line!  
We got to Disney Springs on a gorgeous Friday afternoon.  We were hungry and wanted to try something new and different.  AristoCrepes fit the bill perfectly.  It was new, it was different and there was no line…a perfect combo!  We looked over the menu and it was diverse enough for just about anyone.  Savory to Sweet Crepes ranging from 6.99 to 8.99.

Something for Everyone
We decided on the savory beef crepe with horseradish creme, pickled onions, baby spinach and cheddar cheese.  One word: DELISH!!  Our food came out quick and fresh as it was made right in front of us.  The crepe was warm and the ingredients paired so well together.  The crepe was filling enough but not heavy in any way.  This was truly a delight.

You mean AristoDelish!
Knowing that AristoCrepes is going seasonal, the ‘no line’ piece does make sense.  What doesn’t make sense is that people are missing out if they are not trying this place!  I cant wait to get there again and try something else off this menu.

Mickeys Not So Scary Review:



To quote my co host Dave “Meh” that was truly how I felt about my first and probably only Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.   I am going to be the first to say many factors contributed to that feeling, and some were my own fault so I will not put this all on the party.    We arrived from the Poly at promptly 4 pm and were moved over to the right to get into the Magic Kingdom. The line moved fast and there were no issues.  We went in and followed everyone to the special entrance to the right, but missed the big castle reveal down Main Street.  That was a bummer for sure.  Magic Kingdom was packed and I didn’t notice much of a difference when the party officially began after 7.  It was just crowded.  We fought some weather and rain early on and that was fine and expected.


The Parade, The Hocus Pocus Show and Fireworks:  The parade….Meh at best, I will admit I am not a parade guy but it was talked about so highly that I think my expectations were tooooooo high.  Hocus Pocus Spooktacular we saw as we were walking out (my 6 year old was tired) seemed fun and all, but Main Street was jammed.  Fireworks…WOW!!!! Those were amazing, watched them from our balcony at the Poly.  I am not sure if we would have had the same feeling about the fireworks from inside the park what an amazing vantage point.


Rides:  Lines seemed shorter that is for sure and we walked on a few but not a lot of time to do them (Have to get your spot for the parade after all)

Trick or treating:  Fun aspect and all, but when your 6 year old didn’t think it was all that great and he was getting free candy there is something to that.  Cast members just put candy in bags many just seemed to go through the motion.


Final Results:  I liked the aspect of getting in early and not using a full day park ticket for it.  The Decorations were great to see, but only really on Main Street area.  Parade was ok, Fireworks were best I may have ever seen.  If you are going to MNSSHP I think kids need to be a little older so you can space out the whole party.  If I was able to take advantage of the full time I might have thought more than Meh.

B.B. Wolf’s…. You Mean MMM MMM Wolf’s

No Line…YES!!!!
It was a warm Friday afternoon as Bruce from Albany, an amazing cast member from Saratoga Springs, dropped us at the back entrance of Disney Springs.  We just got in for our long weekend of fun and what a way to start! As we drove through Saratoga Springs (and it is ginormous), Bruce gave us some history of the resort and some info on the weekend festivities.  He went ‘above and beyond’ and it was just another example of why cast members make trips to WDW so magical…but back to the story at hand.  He drops us off at the back of Disney Springs, we cross the bridge and head in.

Solid Menu With Good Prices

I couldn’t wait to Try B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Company.  It has been on the to-do list since it opened.  No Line in front, PERFECT! I step right up and order my 3 Little Pigs Trio: a Reuben, a Bacon Wrapped with black bean salsa and a Chili and Cheese.  I ordered a Goose Island Beer to wash it down and a Pretzel for the little one.

3 May Not Be Enough
To say these were delicious is an understatement.   The 3 Little Pigs came out fast, hot and fresh.  All three had a unique flavor.  I absolutely love Rueben’s in general and it was 3rd on the list of my favorites.  Not to knock it in any way,  just the other 2 were better.   The Chili and Cheese was a perfect pair, the chili was a tad spicy but not over the top.  The winner of the three in my opinion was the Bacon Wrapped Sausage and black bean salsa.  It was different and full of flavor.  The salsa was refreshing with the heat form the jalapeno.  Winner, winner Sausage dinner!  The Goose Island paired perfectly with the sampler.

 Warm and Delicious  
And I would be remiss if I didn’t say something about the pretzel.  My son is a pretzel connoisseur (well for a 6 year old anyways) and he was all smiles while eating this.  It was chewy, warm and delicious.

Do yourself a favor next time you are at Disney Springs, stop by B.B. Wolf’s and get yourself a 3 Little Pigs Trio.  You won’t be sorry!

3 Little Pigs sampler was AWESOME!