Whats Brewing? A coffee with a conscience.

Now at Joffrey’s Kiosk in the American Adventure area of Epcot, you will be able to taste Joffrey’s Organic Alto Mayo Peru Protected Forest coffee, a project proudly supported by Disney® and their partner, Conservation International. This endeavor promotes sustainable coffee growing and trains local coffee farmers in alternative farming techniques that help protect forests, improve productivity, coffee bean quality and promote economic growth in the region.

Read the story of this amazing coffee:  Coffee with a conscience

Thing of Beauty!!!

Opening this weekend you can learn more about sustainability through coffee farming in our new garden area adjacent to Joffrey’s American Adventure kiosk.

The Alto Mayo Peru Organic & Fair Trade Coffee is available for home delivery

Peru Alto Mayo Organic & Fair Trade

Receive 15% off Peru Alto Mayo coffee

Use coupon code:  protect



If you have been to the International Flower and Garden Festival let us know what you thought of the Joffrey’s specialty drinks.


Also keep your eyes open for a Tax day sale coming from Joffrey’s on April 18th





Rock You Like a Hurricane Episode 3: The Force Awakens

Free at last free at last, Thank Walt we are free at last.  Welcome to the exiting conclusion of surviving captivity in WDW.  In this episode, your favorite crime fighter and his sidekick venture out from their confines and explore what is left of the World.

Well, everything was left.  The guests had been given an all clear and informed that all the parks would be open at 0800 hours on Saturday.  The wife and I woke up, got ready, and headed to the monorail station of the Poly in hopes of getting to MK in time for the Welcome Show.  We were wrong. Of course the monorail was down and we had to take the bus.  We hopped a bus that arrived at 0740 hours.  “We can make it,” I thought happily to myself, but the detour into the Grand Floridian squashed those dreams.  Especially when the bus driver went out the wrong way and had to do some impressive acrobatics to free us. We arrived at MK a little after 8…along with 3/4 of Florida.  We did have a backpack and the wife sacrificed herself to stand in the bag line as I waited for her in limbo in the area between bag check and the main entrance for 27 minutes, and then made our way into MK.

wdw security
The herd of guests at the security bag check
Since I already snagged me a Joffrey’s from Captain Cooks, I was able to bypass that “other” coffee joint on Main Street and we booked it to Fantasyland.  Of course, no trip would be complete without a whirl on my favorite flying elephant and yours: Dumbo.  After that wonderful ride, we destroyed our fastpasses at Mine Train, Jungle Book and Splash Mountain.  Now what?  The park was packed and all the good fastpasses were gone by noon.

mine train sleep.JPG
I was tired
My better half and I grabbed some lunch at the best QS in the Kingdom: Columbia Harbour House.  I enjoyed some fish and fries and she got something that wasn’t as good, and we made a game plan.  We had about a 4 hour gap between our Haunted Mansion fastpass.  Nothing good came to mind so we just started walking around.  Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor had no wait, we tried it for the first time ever and enjoyed it.  Country Bears was free, haven’t done that ever.  Buzz was actually short and was a blast as usual (see what I did there?).  Somewhere during the wandering, I was able to grab a delicious turkey leg from the Frontierland Turkey Cart.

buzz light year.JPG
I’m winning
Let’s go do Carousel of Progress.  I was excited and the wife was not.  It was my first time riding it in about 20 years and the first time for my lovely bride.  It was my dad’s favorite and he was always excited to do it.  We sat down with about 4 other guests.  The cast members didn’t even bother to tell us to move all the way down.  The attraction started with the familiar music and I sang along.  We took a trip through history and asked Cindy how she liked it. “I never want to that again.”  I was taken aback, but then realized that it had lost its power to bring folks in like it did when I was a youngster.  I also realized that I was just fooling myself and that COP needs something else.  I understand the history of it, and it was one of Walt’s.  However,  that’s some prime real estate right there.

After the depression of COP wore off, we headed over to Liberty Square for our dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern.  On the way we passed the new Muppets Show: The Muppets Present…Great Moments in American History.  I was worried that it wouldn’t fit in.  I was wrong.  It was as funny as my rotund butt riding Dumbo.  Good jokes, clean fun and Miss Piggy.  We then sat down for our meal at Liberty Tree.  This is one of the very few restaurants on property that we have repeated.  The comfort food will put you into a coma if you don’t stop (I had to tell the waiter to take the food away) and the service is exquisite.

We finished dinner at around 5:30 PM.  There was only one thing left to do, wait 3 hours for the Main Street Electrical Parade.  We needed to claim a spot and we found an excellent spot near Casey’s Corner.  We laid out or recently purchased beach towels from the emporium, sat down and I was able to lean against the lamp-post.

main street part 2
About an hour before the parade
main st part 1
About 2 hours before the parade

We waited, and waited and waited some more.  The crowds grew and I had a Lance Bass celebrity sighting while waiting.  How did I know it was Lance Bass?  I told the wife “that guy looks like Lance Bass,” and one of his cronies yelled out, “Hey Lance.”  I digress.  I didn’t sit in that one spot the entire time.  I walked around, grabbed some popcorn and drinks, got some goodies from the confectionary and waited. Now,  I am not complaining, this is my wife’s favorite thing in all of WDW and I wanted her to have a good time.  And, it was the last weekend of the Main Street Electrical Parade.

After what seemed like an eternity (3 hours), the music blasted and the parade started.  As usual, it was awesome.  I will miss this show but I know that something even better will replace it (hopefully).

trainmain street

Peter PanElliot



The parade ended, and so did our night.  There was no extra magic hours and we didn’t want to fight the Wishes crowds.  We exited the park and stared down a 2 hour monorail line or hour boat line.  I chose the lesser of two evils and we moseyed on back to the Poly just in time to catch Wishes.  Once the spectacular was finished the wife headed back to the room as I grabbed me several of my last Jai Alais for the trip.  The next day we awoke, left the bubble and took that magical 7 hour drive back home.

All in all, it was a decent trip considering the circumstances.  Looking back though, I believe that we should have canceled and rescheduled.  But how often does your anniversary fall on a hurricane landfall, and why not do it in Disney World.

night castle.JPG

When I was in the Magic Kingdom at the time of our trip, there was no Joffrey’s Coffee kiosk in the park and I had to grab my coffee at the hotel.  However, the great folks over at Joffrey’s now have a kiosk in Tomorrowland at Rockettower Plaza Stage near Space Mountain.Joffreys-Revive_Full_29803

Joffrey’s Kiosk Crawl

With the arrival of the newest Joffrey’s kiosk in the Magic Kingdom, I was thinking (I know a scary thought for sure), “…where else in the parks can I get recharged with some amazing Joffrey’s coffee or tea?”   

Trivia time:  Did you know that all the parks, including the water parks and Disney Springs, have Joffrey’s kiosks.  That would be 7 Parks (with Disney Springs) where you can drink the nectar of the gods! A total of 18 Kiosks for you to explore. Wait a minute…a Joffrey’s kiosk crawl.  Now we are talking!!!  Lets go on a little virtual crawl to see these kiosks.

Lets Start in the Magic Kingdom:

Even before you get into the Magic Kingdom, you can grab a coffee before you get on the monorail at the TTC.   While in the park, walk right down Main Street U.S.A. and into Tomorrowland for the newest kiosk Revive.  I love the theming and the style of Revive it fits in so well with the surrounding buildings and brings you back to an older time in Tomorrowland.  Its a phenomenal addition to the Magic Kingdom.

Let’s hope a monorail over to Epcot!  All Aboard, Stand clear of the doors…Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas.   Over at Epcot we will find 5 Kiosks, the most of any park.

As you step off the Monorail or a bus the classic Joffrey’s kiosk awaits.  In the the park itself you will find kiosks by Test Track, The American Adventure (I should go see that one of these days), between the United Kingdom and Canada, and by Disney Traders.  So many options…from the beginning of the park to the back of it.  There is no shortage of Joffrey’s flowing.  How about a Beverly inspired Joffrey’s drink??? Ok nevermind, ewe gross!

With the caffeine running through my veins, I am sure I could run to the Studios…but lets slow it down a bit and take the boat over to Hollywood Studios.

Right outside the exit of the Tower of Terror you, will find my absolute favorite Joffrey’s kiosk.  I drop everything to go to this one.  Get it, “drop everything” , LOL…I will be here all week folks.  Make sure you tip your waiter and waitress.   The kiosk near the entrance of Pixar Place is well themed and fits in very well with the building around it.

Time to hop bus and head over to Animal Kingdom.

I love both of these Kiosks, one near the entrance and the other one in Asia by Kali River Rapids.  Both kiosks fit the park perfectly.

Finally its time to head over to where it all started:  Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.  More trivia for you:  Typhoon Lagoon is the park that had the first Joffrey’s kiosk all the way back in 1995.

Typhoon Lagoon has 3 kiosks

Blizzard Beach has 2 Kiosks

I believe these are the best themed and most fun kiosks in all of the world.  They fit perfectly and always make me chuckle a little.  Make sure you try the mini doughnuts!!!

And finally after a long day throughout the parks, its time to relax and wind down at Disney Springs.

With all the hustle and bustle going on at Disney Springs, its nice to grab a great Joffrey’s coffee and just sit back, relax and do a little people watching.  What a great way to end our Joffrey’s kiosk crawl. Of course you can always stop at Tea Traders while at Disney Springs and get a full array of teas and drinks.

PHEW!!! I am beat, that sure was one fantastic kiosk crawl.  Whenever you are in the parks, look for any of these kiosks…it will surely bring a smile to your face.

When you can’t be at the parks, get some of the worlds greatest coffee sent right to your home at Joffreys.com.


What’s Brewing?? Joffrey’s News

Some really exciting news coming from our friends over at Joffrey’s coffee and tea company.  Let’s see what is brewing….

Joffrey’s News


Opening in March 2017, guests at Magic Kingdom® Park will soon be able to enjoy Joffrey’s coffees, teas and delicious treats at the new Joffrey’s Revive Coffee kiosk near Space Mountain in Tomorrowland.


Joffrey’s Revive Coffee Kiosk will offer a beverage exclusive to Magic Kingdom Park: the More S’mores Latte. Delight the kid inside with a cup of Joffrey’s artisan roasted espresso, mixed with rich chocolate sauce, sweet marshmallow syrup and topped with whipped cream, graham cracker sprinkles and fluffy marshmallows. This crave-able beverage is available hot or iced to satisfy every coffee lover with a sweet tooth.






Joffrey’s is proud to work with Disney and their partner, Conservation International to support the Alto Mayo Protected Forest Project in Peru. This endeavor promotes sustainable coffee growing and trains local coffee farmers in alternative farming techniques that help protect forests, improve productivity, coffee bean quality and promote economic growth in the region. To assist in this initiative, Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co.’s® Roastmaster met with the members of the Cooperativa De Servicios Multiples Bosque Del Alto Mayo (Alto Mayo Co-op) and worked to trade directly with this group of producers who are not only farming sustainably, but are certified Organic and Fair Trade as well.


Joffrey’s is proud to be able to support their efforts to farm sustainably. It is with sincere gratification and pleasure that we are now able to share this exquisite coffee with guests at select restaurants at Walt Disney World® Resort and Disneyland® Resort; from farm to table, you can share in our success of support for this great project and know that with each sip you are making an impact.


Now, Disney Guests can enjoy the very coffee that’s changing the lives of these farmers. Initially, the coffee will be served in the following restaurants, and then it will be available in restaurants that serve press pot coffee:


Walt Disney World Resort:

Tiffins at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Le Cellier at Epcot, The Hollywood Brown Derby, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Flying Fish Café, Disney’s BoardWalk Inn and Villas, California Grill, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Citricos and Narcoossee’s, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Artist Point, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Yachtsman Steakhouse, Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts


Disneyland Resort:

Carthay Circle Restaurant, Disney California Adventure Park, Napa Rose, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, Steakhouse 55, Disneyland


You can also order some of this amazing coffee for the comfort of your own own home.    Peru Alto Mayo organic & fair trade

Who Wants to win a trip to Disney?????


There’s a place where moments take on extra magic. They happen every second of every minute of every day. Moments both big and little that will never, ever be forgotten. Want to go? Enter Joffrey’s Coffee to Castle Sweepstakes and you could win a Walt Disney World® vacation from Joffrey’s, the Official Specialty Coffee of Walt Disney World® Resort, Disneyland® Resort and Disney Vacation Club.

Simply click here for a chance to enter:  Joffrey’s coffee to castle contest


So that’s whats brewing with our friends from Joffrey’s coffee and tea company

Sit back relax and enjoy a flavor for every Disney memory.   Imagination by the cup


Rock You Like A Hurricane part 4-2.

We last saw our Disney duo confined to their 1-bedroom theme park view Polynesian Villa in Rock You Like A Hurricane Part 1. The nice phone lady informed that imminent danger was upon us and that we should take shelter by at least 11pm on Oct 8th.  Well, until 2300 hours rolled up, we decided to take what little time was available and grab a bite.

The Grand Ceremonial House was the place to be that evening.  Those who opted to leave were being cared for, and those fools who decided to stay were also taken care of.  The restaurants were in full swing and several park characters were also there. I remember seeing Captain Hook and Smee for a dance party for the children, and I slightly remember at least Pluto and Goofy.  Also, for sale was boxed breakfasts and lunches and hot fresh pizza was up for sale to take back to our rooms. We stuck around the GCH long enough to grab our boxed meals, pizza, grab a couple of drinks and purchase some survival necessities (candy, beer, board games and so forth). We made our way back to our room to await the impending doom.   It was about 2000 hours (8pm) and the rain and wind were starting to pick up.  We “enjoyed” our pizza, beer and watched some movies.  Soon, we decided to turn in early for the night.

No reason for this pic, just didn’t take many this day

The next morning brought a devastating sight of… nothing.  No damage, no bungalows that came apart from their foundations and floating in the middle of Bay Lake.  Just a lot of wetness and some vegetation thrown about.  So, what to do?  We opened up our boxed breakfast and enjoyed a bagel and some fruit.  I had drunk my Joffrey’s coffee the day before and since I was at a DVC room, it did not get replenished.  So, no coffee, crappy boxed breakfasts and only 1 beer.  Instead of wallowing in self-pity and blaming the world for what was going on, we decided to relax and watch Disney movies on the tv and play a round of Disney Monopoly.  The only gripe I have of this is that about 1/3 of the way through The Little Mermaid (a classic) it shut off and we were treated to… Tron… Legacy (a classic piece of…).

At about 1100 hours (that’s 11 am for you non-military type) Cast Members were coming out of hiding and walking the grounds and driving their golf carts around.  At about noon-thirty the phone range and the nice lady said that we were free.  We put on our shoes and ran towards the GCH.  The wife and I stood in line at Trader Sam’s for an exclusive Haunted Mansion Tiki Mug that took about 2 hours.  It came with some kind of tiki drink that I can’t remember the name, but do remember that it was not that tasty.  So to get rid of the rum infused nightmare going on in my gullet, I grabbed a couple of beers and a good whiskey to get rid of the vileness.  As the wife and I were meandering through the GCH it was told that ‘Ohana was serving dinner to resort guests only.

Waiting for the elusive tiki mug at the beginning of release

Mr. Maui a few hours after release
 Now we have had ‘Ohana in the past and I was not as thoroughly impressed as my fellow brethren, but we were hungry and didn’t want Captain Cook’s.  I was also informed by telephone earlier that our Anniversary dinner at Jiko was not going to be honored (for it too was only opened to resort guests.)  I walked up to the hostess stand and asked for a wait time.  She stated that she couldn’t give us one but the average was about 20 minutes.  I was going to grab a libation from the Tambu Lounge for the wait, but the buzzer went off and we were seated right next to the window…just to the right of the Volcano Pool.  This would have been prime seating for a Wishes viewing.  Our server came out and informed that instead of doing the normal family style meal, a buffet with food from ‘Ohana and the Luau was being served, and yes, I could get beer!  The food was great: Chicken wings, salad, chicken, bread pudding and the lot.

    As we finished our meal, the server came to us and informed that there is a Cast Member rumor going around that Disney Springs was going to be opened at 5:30 pm for WDW resort guests only.  We paid, headed back to the room, and received an email and call that Disney Springs would be opened at 5:30 and we wanted to take advantage of this special moment.  Now imagine this: (almost) everybody that is staying on Disney property has been cooped up for a day and a half and they only had one place to go.  Yea, it was busier than Trader Sam’s on exclusive tiki mug day!  This was the first time we had experienced the completed Disney Springs with the Town Center and it was…nice.  Like walking down an outdoor mall with whimsical themed bars thrown about (but that’s for another article).  Needless to say, it was nice to get out but it was in fact extremely busy and not all of the establishments were open.  We bought some things for the kids and of course enjoyed a few cocktails, then headed back to the room to get ready for an early rise to Magic Kingdom in the morning.

    Stay tuned next time for the exciting conclusion of Disney during a hurricane.

    Don’t be like me, make sure you stock up on your Joffrey’s Coffee BEFORE a natural disaster strikes.

    Tea Time


    With romance in the air this week, where can one go that is a little different and romantic at the same time?

    Afternoon tea at the Garden View Tea Room at the Grand Floridian may hit the spot, a spot of tea that is.

    You can step through time and experience a traditional British tea service.

    Per the Disney website: Afternoon Tea at Garden View Tea Room

    Within the walls of the Garden View Tea Room at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, prepare to treat yourself to a rare and unforgettable event as you indulge in the relaxing ambiance of an era long since passed.

    Tour the globe as you sip from a collection of international teas—including Mrs. Potts Tea for your little ones—all while indulging in a delightful selection of sandwiches, scones, pastries and other delicacies.

    Turn back the hands of the clock for this delicate and delectable treat, 7 days a week. Located on the first floor of the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Afternoon Tea at the Garden View Tea Room takes place daily at the following times:

    • 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM – Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
    • 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM – Tuesday and Thursday

    Ranging in prices from $35 to a tea service for two priced at $175 there is something for everyone’s budget.  Enjoy finger sandwiches, tarts, scones and jams, desserts and of course a wide selection of teas in this multi course service.   If you so choose you can even add some champagne to this service.

    There is also Mrs. Potts tea service for children ages 3-9 for $20

    If you are looking to get away and do something outside of the parks that possibly won’t break the bank this might be your ticket to romance.  Take some time out of a busy and hectic vacation to sit and relax.  Sip some tea, put the cell phones away, and just talk to those that mean the most to you.

    *Photo Credits Disney

    I am personally a coffee guy, but you can get some great teas and coffees over at Joffrey’s coffee and tea company.



    So, Now What?

    Alright, the easy part is done. You have:

    1. Picked your trip dates
    2. Found the perfect hotel 
    3. Decided on using Disney’s Magical Express 

    What else could be difficult? 
    Other than paying for it. You are on your own for that one! (but donations can be made to my vacation fund, see me for further details)
    The waiting, without a doubt, is the most excruciating part of the build-up to the vacation. So, my feathered friends, how do you pass the time? I may have a few ideas to speed up the process*.

    • Countdown timers

    There are a ton of countdown timers on any app store to mark your special occasion. Are you looking for a way to keep track of you next birthday? There is an app for that. Wondering how long until your wedding? There is an app for that too. Curious how long it will be until your next Walt Disney World vacation? You guessed it, there is an app for that also. Personally, on my phone I use Days to Go WDW which is readily available in the app store. You can customize just about everything: pictures,  font, and most importantly, the date you are going (this is the important one).timer

    • Music

    One of the best things about the parks is listening to the music that is played throughout the parks (a.k.a. background music).  Thanks to our new modern day marvels, we can listen to music anywhere in the world (probably). Magical Mouse Radio is my go to choice when it comes to in-park audio, it has everything! The commercials you remember from being a child…oh they are there. The best background music in the world, they have you covered. Even some on ride audio is available.

    • Videos

    Thanks to YouTube, sights and sounds of a day in the park are only a few clicks away! This one is my personal favorite because seeing the warm weather and warm people are a great way to escape the doldrums of every single day or, as MickeyDude Tim puts it, “the frozen tundra of Southern Canada.” There are a ton of personalities on the internet so, without a doubt, there is someone that will be your perfect fit. I recommend looking up See Ya Reel Soon for Disney videos, sadly (for us) they have stopped uploading videos but that is because they are starting a family, good for them!

    If you want to look at all of Orlando life, take a look at The Tim Tracker videos. Tim and his wife Jenn are two fantastic people that bring us into their everyday life and give us a peek inside what it is like living in Orlando, from what I can tell it is hot.

    So, there it is, at least a starting point on things you can do to pass the time until you’re on your way back to the vacation kingdom of the world. In the mean time…might I suggest some Joffrey’s DisneyParks and Resorts Specialty Coffee Collection, it’s the next best thing to being there!


    *Time is a finite measurement and I have been told it is not possible to move it forward…. Yet.