Imagineering the Perfect Cup of Joffrey’s Coffee

With the recent release of Joffrey’s Artifact Blend, inspired by Tiffins Restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, I have come to realize that Joffrey’s talented team of coffee artisans are an unofficial extension of Walt Disney Imagineering.

Joffrey’s describes this newest coffee blend in its Disney Parks and Resorts Collection as an” expedition inspired by adventure.” Here “natural Ethiopian beans are blended with spicy estate beans from the Indonesian island of Java. Together you experience fruity and floral with deep, earthy undertones.”


When one considers the diverse cuisine served at Tiffins coupled with the exquisite art that adorns the walls, the new Joffrey’s Artifact Blend is the perfect complement to this signature dining experience. Their blend of fruity and floral, with deep earthy undertones mirror many of the items on Tiffins menu. Here delectable cuts of fresh meats are stewed in rich earth toned sauces accented by vibrant-colored vegetables, and hints of fruit flavors.

Serving dishes inspired by cuisines from all over the globe, Tiffins provides guests with a mix of gastronomical artifacts. Take their wagyu striploin and house-smoked brisket as an example. This dish is served with rainbow carrots, Peruvian purple potatoes, citrus-ramp butte, and a guava demi-glace. The contrast of ingredients provides a feast for the eyes as well as the pallet.

Tiffins Wagyu Striploin

This artifact theme is continued with the restaurant’s decor. The walls of Tiffins are rich earth tones accented by colorful works of art. A sign on the wall tells all guest that “Tiffins is a gallery of art based on the travel and adventure that inspired the creation of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.” Joffrey’s created their new blend in keeping with the recurring themes using coffee beans of different flavors, from both Africa and Asia. The mix of flavors contrast nicely with this restaurant’s artifacts featured both on the walls and on the plate.





This is not just true of Tiffins; each coffee blend in the Joffrey’s Disney Parks and Resorts collection is created in keeping with the restaurant’s story. In doing this, Joffrey’s works in conjunction with Walt Disney Imagineering and each restaurant’s chef to tell a story.









I found out firsthand how they pull this off this past summer on a trip trip to their roasting facility and tasting kitchen in Tampa, Florida.

There I met Joffrey’s Chief Roastmaster, Chris DeMezzo who described the process of developing each unique blend of coffee in the Disney collection.

Joffrey’s Chief Roastmaster, Chris DeMezzo shared the process of imagineering the perfect coffee blend for each restaurant in their Disney Parks and Resorts Collection on my recent visit to the Joffrey’s Tasting Kitchen.

Prior to the development of each blend, Demezzo meets with the head chef to discuss both the menu and the story each establishment is telling. Based on that meeting, Chris and his team develop the perfect coffee companion for the restaurant.

All of the Disney coffee is roasted with this machine.









Take Yachtsman Steakhouse as an example. This Disney dining establishment is known for very strong flavors throughout its menu. This is mirrored in the powerful recurring wood elements that dominate the décor of the steakhouse.  In keeping with this theme, Joffrey’s designed a boldly flavored, dark blend that superbly complements the menu in its Yachtsman Steakhouse Blend.

Some of Joffrey’s coffee artisans hard at work roasting quality coffee beans.


By contrast, Joffrey’s bled, The Wave keeps in theme with that restaurant by sourcing their specialty grade arabica beans from one of their favorite farms in Sumatra. This blend is an extension of The Wave’s theme because the restaurant shares Joffrey’s “ethos of making the world a better place by focusing on sustainable ingredients that are grown.”

When visiting the Walt Disney World Resort, a nice cup of Joffrey’s Coffee is the perfect end to a satisfying meal. This commitment to ending the story on a high note is Joffrey’s way of delivering “Imagination by The Cup.”

You are going to Disney Again???

I am the father of four, an 8th grade social studies teacher, and the president of my wife’s fan club.  I am also a self-confessed Disney ADDICT!!  I am not ashamed of this; on the contrary I flaunt it with pride.  I talk Disney every chance I get, and I listen to Disney podcasts on my commute every day. I have an “Ohana” tattoo wrapped around my wrist and happen to be wearing a Disney Vacation Club shirt as I type.

Showing off the ink with Experiment 626 himself.
Showing off the ink with Experiment 626 himself.

Many people question why…some people smile and nod, but very few truly understand.   I am asked the same question all the time, “You are going to Disney Again???”   I simply smile and say, “yes, yes I am.”

My "I'm going to Disney World" face.
My “I’m going to Disney World” face.

If they need further explanation I simply say, “do you ask a person who goes to the Jersey Shore every summer, you’re going again???” The answer 9 times out of 10 is no.  Now I got them, so I ask them this:  “Would you like to go to a place where you can be a kid once again? A place where all your worries from the real world seem to melt away, and no matter how many times you go you always find a different experience or something different to do?

Dave was on to something when he said the The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh was one of the best attractions on property.
Dave was on to something when he said  The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh was one of the best attractions on property.

A place where you can visit other countries all at once, you can go back in time or into the future, dine at world class restaurants or simply have a snack by the pool?”   Disney is a place where you can be immersed in different ideas and cultures by simply staying at one of the many unique resorts on property, a place where someone drives you to wherever you want to go, and everywhere people are smiling, happy and kind to you.


Disney has everything, even the Kitchen Sink!
Disney has everything, even the Kitchen Sink!

So I state again “yes, yes I am going back to Disney World again,” and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

On top of that the official coffee of Walt Disney Word and The Mickey Dude's Podcast, Joffrey's Coffee, flows in abundance throughout the Disney property. #Winning
On top of that the official coffee of Walt Disney Word and The Mickey Dude’s Podcast, Joffrey’s Coffee, flows in abundance throughout the Disney property. #Winning