Morimoto Street Food


As I long for the warm weather and my mind keeps drifting back to Walt Disney World (I know shocking).  I wanted to share some thoughts on Morimoto Street Food in Disney Springs.  Tucked in right next to Morimoto Asia, this little gem packs all the excitement and adventure of Morimotos but in a more relaxed way (for less money of course).

So what is Street Food Anyways???

I love how Chef Morimoto described Street Food
With plenty of seating outside to enjoy the beauty of the newly imagined Disney springs, this spot is perfect to just sit back, relax, and get some great food.


The crystal clear water is so peaceful while eating
Now lets look at the menu.

At quick glance, I was excited to try the Bao Tacos that I heard so much about and I had to be adventurous and get the takoyaki.   With the great prices I suggest try something new and different.  Its not going to ‘break the bank’ even if you don’t like it.  You’ve got to wash it all down with the Singapore slush.


The Verdict:  Delicious! I got the Kalbi Bao Tacos; short rib, kimchi, scallions on a soft steamed bun.  It was fresh and flavorful.  Some people are not kimchi fans, for those people I can say this kimchi was not over-bearing.  It was just right and added a depth of flavor with the perfectly cooked short ribs.  So what about the tokoyaki (octopus)?  This scared me a bit, but as I said, had to be adventurous.  The flavor was quite good but the texture was a little softer than I expected.  It wasn’t bad at all…just different, I was expecting a harder fritter.   Finally, the Singapore Slush, on a warm Florida day this hit the spot perfectly!

One of the best things about the newly imagined Disney Springs are all the new and different food offerings.  Morimoto Street Food didn’t disappoint, it hit the spot and it was adventurous, but not crazy adventurous…it was just right.  The quality of the food, the price, the choices, the view, all add to a great meal. So the next time you are down in the Springs, make sure you check out Morimotos Street Food, you won’t be sorry.

Pen was borrowed for photo and put back on the counter.  



Joffrey’s News

Great News from Joffrey’s in the newsletter this month!

Lets see what’s brewing…




Resolutions, resolutions.  Whatever your plans for success this year, we hope we are a tasty part of your day.  Below please find our latest seasonal coffee, tea and limited time beverages that your fans will love to hear about.  As always, thanks for spreading the Joffrey’s love.


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Cupid’s Kiss Latte:    You won’t forget your first kiss, a rich espresso shot blended with caramel & coconut syrups, dark chocolate and creamy steamed milk.


Valentine’s White Mocha:   A dreamy blend of rich espresso, white chocolate syrup, raspberry and creamy steamed milk.


Amore Cocoa Latte:   Fall in love with our rich espresso flavored with dark chocolate sauce, light coconut syrup and creamy steamed milk.


All available Hot or over ice.  Make it spirited by adding a shot of Bailey’s Irish Crème, Grey Goose Vodka, Kahlua or Jameson Irish Whisky!




Soon at select deluxe hotels you will find Joffrey’s French Roast Specialty Coffee K-cups in room.  Easy to brew and memorable tastes await.  Once available they will be available for home ordering at


TASTING NOTES:   a blend of our 100% Specialty Grade Arabica Beans dark roasted to a brown so deep it borders on black. Robustly aromatic with hints of caramel and chocolate with a beautifully smoky finish that delightfully lingers.


BIG NEWS COMING to MAGIC KINGDOM:  please stay tuned as we unveil exciting offerings at the Magic Kingdom Park


VALENTINES FLAVORS OF LOVE GIFT SET:  Available at the end of January, Joffrey’s will offer a great gift set that includes a 1-lb bag of our best selling flavored coffee and 7oz bag of chocolate covered espresso beans all tucked into a cute red gift box.  Set will include Angels Kiss Coffee, Sinful Delight Coffee or Le Cellier Coffee and chocolate espresso bean bundles. Find it at


JOFFREY’S LOCATIONS LOCATOR Want to find all the places Joffrey’s is served at the Disney Parks & Resorts, use this handy online locator:



The Disney Planner. Random Thoughts on Preparing for a Trip to Disney.

Welcome to a series of articles I will be writing about prepping for a trip to WDW. This series is just a jumper of ideas that pop into my head when traveling to WDW. In preparing for a runDisney trip on January 6, I have already started packing while folding this morning’s batch of laundry.

So with that, I present to you my random thoughts on packing for WDW:

1: Take a Picture of your checked luggage:


This might seem strange since you know what bag you are taking, but go with me here.  Twice Magical Express has sent my bag home on an earlier flight. I waited and waited, yet no bag dropped. When I went to the airline baggage office I was asked what my bag looked like. I showed them the picture along with the claim check. It turned out my bag was in one of their closets. The lady helping me said she wished everyone would take a picture of their bag because  seeing the picture of my luggage tag helped her find the bag faster.  In this case it was the best thing I could have done for myself.


2: Pack singles in your carry-on and wallet:

In this world of apple pay, credit card points, and debit cards, cash is not used as much. I for one hardly use cash anymore and, as a result I have been in the embarrassing situation of not being able to tip the Magical Express driver , valet driver, or the bell man. Putting singles on your packing list will help avoid such embarrassing situations.

3: The best way to save space while packing, the Skivvy Roll:


This one is just practical. Who wants to risk breaking a zipper on their luggage due to over packing? This will clear up space in the long run. Refer to the direction here to learn how to make a Skivvy Roll. Also here’s a video.

Well that’s it for now. Do you have any travel tips? Let me know in the comments below.