The Wave! What a hidden gem!

The Wave of American Flavors is a restaurant that I have wanted to try for some time but, for one reason or another, never got around to it.  I have read subpar reviews and I have read some really good reviews.  It was time to see for myself and make up my own mind.  All I can say is:  WOW!!!! Hidden gem award goes to The Wave!  I went this past trip with my wife and 6 year old for breakfast and we all left extremely happy.  The buffet options, the food offerings, the service, the price were all amazing!  Next time you are around and might be heading to the Magic Kingdom in the morning, The Wave is a great place to start your day and then walk on over.  You won’t be sorry , and try the green stuff its delicious!

Located in the Contemporary
At $24 for an adult and $13 for a child The Breakfast Buffet is a real hidden gem!
We had to change our reservation on the same day, and that was not a problem at all.  The staff was more than accommodating and incredibly nice.  Our server Michelle may have been one of the nicest Cast Members we have ever had the pleasure to interact.  Inside was elegant and inviting, not overly crowded, and the buffet was set to the back to not be in anyone’s way while dining.

Now onto the food.  Please understand I am no photographer and these were taken with my iPhone.  The pictures do not do the food justice.  Just let me say this: Everything we ate was fresh, hot and delicious!

I absolutely love Eggs Benedict and these were out of sight!!! The key lime hollandaise sauce was so different and so good!   Next to the Mickey Waffles you can see a peek of the sweet potato pancakes (sweet and delicious like dessert for breakfast).


Fresh fruit and some grits with Tillamook cheddar and bacon.  Now being from the north I can not get good grits anywhere.  These were some phenomenal grits!unnamed-35

My Full plate, one of many.  I can not say enough good things about The Wave!  Maybe I went in with lower expectations than with other restaurants.  Well those expectations were blown out of the water!  What a great meal all around.  Have any of you gone to The Wave?  What did you think?  Let me know.

Plussing Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party

Last month I talked about how I would add Halloween fun to other parts of the Walt Disney World Resort that currently don’t celebrate the season. This month I figured I would take it back to the Magic Kingdom and tell you how I would plus Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party if I were in charge.

This coming holiday season Disney Springs will play host to a Christmas tree walk. All sorts of Disney themed trees will be placed along a path for the viewing pleasure of guests.  My idea: why not bring a jack o’ lantern walk complete with trick or treating to Tom Sawyer’s Island. I personally would love to experience this part of the park at night. Logistically, they might have to close the island earlier then it usually closes, but for 2 months it would be so worth it.

Imagine the creepy fog effect all over Tom Sawyer’s Island!

Next I would relocate Jack and Sallie’s meet and greet to Storybook Circus where Jack meets during the Christmas party. This will put these characters far away from the parade route. That leaves room for a Nightmare Before Christmas themed float in Mickey’s Boo to You Halloween Parade. Having these characters in the parade is a no brainer. I can’t understand why this has yet to happen.

Jack and Sally are the rock stars of MNSSHP

On the main stage, I would  light the black candle and conjur the Sanderson Sisters for a meet and greet. Since this would sure prove to be popular, I would distribute wrist bands for this interaction color coded to help with traffic. I would put the band distribution far back in the park on the walkway between the Tomorrow Land Speedway and Storybook Circus. The sisters then would meet between shows. Each show would be a different color wrist band.  It might overwork the sisters, but they have been at rest for 23 years.
Currently, this is as close we can get to the Sanderson Sisters (and our beloved Oogie Boogie too)

Finally, in the Diamond Horseshoe I would have a haunted mansion ball room dancing show. How Epic would that be?

Thanks to MickeyDude Jeff Williams (@braindud92) for the photos