Mickeys Not So Scary Review:



To quote my co host Dave “Meh” that was truly how I felt about my first and probably only Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.   I am going to be the first to say many factors contributed to that feeling, and some were my own fault so I will not put this all on the party.    We arrived from the Poly at promptly 4 pm and were moved over to the right to get into the Magic Kingdom. The line moved fast and there were no issues.  We went in and followed everyone to the special entrance to the right, but missed the big castle reveal down Main Street.  That was a bummer for sure.  Magic Kingdom was packed and I didn’t notice much of a difference when the party officially began after 7.  It was just crowded.  We fought some weather and rain early on and that was fine and expected.


The Parade, The Hocus Pocus Show and Fireworks:  The parade….Meh at best, I will admit I am not a parade guy but it was talked about so highly that I think my expectations were tooooooo high.  Hocus Pocus Spooktacular we saw as we were walking out (my 6 year old was tired) seemed fun and all, but Main Street was jammed.  Fireworks…WOW!!!! Those were amazing, watched them from our balcony at the Poly.  I am not sure if we would have had the same feeling about the fireworks from inside the park what an amazing vantage point.


Rides:  Lines seemed shorter that is for sure and we walked on a few but not a lot of time to do them (Have to get your spot for the parade after all)

Trick or treating:  Fun aspect and all, but when your 6 year old didn’t think it was all that great and he was getting free candy there is something to that.  Cast members just put candy in bags many just seemed to go through the motion.


Final Results:  I liked the aspect of getting in early and not using a full day park ticket for it.  The Decorations were great to see, but only really on Main Street area.  Parade was ok, Fireworks were best I may have ever seen.  If you are going to MNSSHP I think kids need to be a little older so you can space out the whole party.  If I was able to take advantage of the full time I might have thought more than Meh.

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