B.B. Wolf’s…. You Mean MMM MMM Wolf’s

No Line…YES!!!!
It was a warm Friday afternoon as Bruce from Albany, an amazing cast member from Saratoga Springs, dropped us at the back entrance of Disney Springs.  We just got in for our long weekend of fun and what a way to start! As we drove through Saratoga Springs (and it is ginormous), Bruce gave us some history of the resort and some info on the weekend festivities.  He went ‘above and beyond’ and it was just another example of why cast members make trips to WDW so magical…but back to the story at hand.  He drops us off at the back of Disney Springs, we cross the bridge and head in.

Solid Menu With Good Prices

I couldn’t wait to Try B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Company.  It has been on the to-do list since it opened.  No Line in front, PERFECT! I step right up and order my 3 Little Pigs Trio: a Reuben, a Bacon Wrapped with black bean salsa and a Chili and Cheese.  I ordered a Goose Island Beer to wash it down and a Pretzel for the little one.

3 May Not Be Enough
To say these were delicious is an understatement.   The 3 Little Pigs came out fast, hot and fresh.  All three had a unique flavor.  I absolutely love Rueben’s in general and it was 3rd on the list of my favorites.  Not to knock it in any way,  just the other 2 were better.   The Chili and Cheese was a perfect pair, the chili was a tad spicy but not over the top.  The winner of the three in my opinion was the Bacon Wrapped Sausage and black bean salsa.  It was different and full of flavor.  The salsa was refreshing with the heat form the jalapeno.  Winner, winner Sausage dinner!  The Goose Island paired perfectly with the sampler.

 Warm and Delicious  
And I would be remiss if I didn’t say something about the pretzel.  My son is a pretzel connoisseur (well for a 6 year old anyways) and he was all smiles while eating this.  It was chewy, warm and delicious.

Do yourself a favor next time you are at Disney Springs, stop by B.B. Wolf’s and get yourself a 3 Little Pigs Trio.  You won’t be sorry!

3 Little Pigs sampler was AWESOME!



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