The Bubble

The bubble?  No, I’m not talking about those harmless (yet annoying) bubble machines you buy for your children right before any night time spectacular.  I am speaking of the ‘Disney Bubble’.  The translucent phenomenon that encapsulates the entire Walt Disney World property.  You can’t see it, but you sure as heck can feel its presence any where on property.   Once you take exit 64, 65 or 67 off of I-4 and you have passed under the Magic Kingdom Sign, or drive through the Disney Springs gate, you have entered the bubble.

This anomaly serves two purposes.  The first is to shield you from all the evil and stress of everyday life.  You may have had a couple of days at work that have been gnawing at you before your trip, but the bubble helps you by blocking those stressors from entering the World with you.  It will also soothe, and let you know that everything is going to be alright.  Personally, I have a extremely high stress job with long hours and shift work.  No, it’s not a completely difficult job but it does take its toll on my mind and body.  When I make that drive to the World, I am excited that we are on the way, but still may be tired or stressed from the work week.  Once I enter that bubble, it all melts away and the feeling that nothing bad can happen washes over me.

A stress relief better than popping bubble wrap
The second purpose of this bubble is that all you need is inside.  Everything from food, lodging, transportation, entertainment, etc. is inside.  When I finally get to my resort, unload and park the car, the family and I go nowhere near it for the rest of the trip.  Disney transportation will get us anywhere we want.  Left a toothbrush at home?  No need to head to the closest drugstore off property; head to the gift shop and get a new one.  If you are not willing to pay Disney prices for items that you normally needed (eg. toothbrush), there are 3 Speedway Gas Stations in the Bubble that don’t match Disney Prices.

The oldest when he was the youngest, enjoying Disney Transportation at its best
For me and the family, the bubble is a safe place that provides everything we need.  We don’t like leaving it because 99% of the time we are heading home and that gloominess that was blocked, grabs us as soon as we leave. So, try it one trip.  Stay on property, don’t leave, and take advantage of everything that Walt Disney World has to offer.

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