Finding Your Disney Side


            “You’re going to Disney AGAIN?!” –everyone who doesn’t get it. (probably)

How many times have Disney fans heard this question when they are asked where they will be spending their time on vacation? More times than I could care to count (for me at least), but it always leads me thinking, “What made me find my love of Disney?” Some people treat Disney as an escape from the real world. While you are there, and while you are in the bubble, you can choose to not have to worry about anything…no traffic, no roads, no directions. The only choice you have to make is whether to get a dole whip or a cronut (or both as I suggest).

I have found that it is much more than just a vacation. It is easy to be immersed in the entire world while you are there. You don’t have to cook, you don’t have to drive, and you don’t have to make decisions. Everywhere you turn in ‘The World’  is a new place to escape and throw yourself. Unlike most amusement parks, Disney has a fantastic ambiance that starts with the music. If I ever find myself missing the world too much, the easiest way back is to listen to the park music. There is nothing quite like it in the world, and I would argue that the world would be a much better place if there were background music everywhere.

Some people strictly go to Disney for the food, and I cannot say I blame them! There are so many fantastic options that you can consume while you are in Disney.  You can get any type of junk food that you could imagine, and the fact that it is shaped like Mickey Mouse makes it taste that much better (THAT is a scientific fact*). If you want it, trust me…you can find it in Disney world without a problem. Want burgers and fries? They have that…lots of it actually. Want a 5 diamond rated dinner? Don’t you worry sir, they have that too. Want to eat a dinner while you’re dressed as Mr. Peanut? Not sure why you would, but you can do that too. Want to stretch your palate to more “exotic” foods? You can do all that while never leaving the same area!

In an ever-changing world, it is nice to have a place that you can have a little bit of control and be around people who are just nicer and happier…especially if you want to take a vacation where you can be totally immersed and find your own Disney side.


*Neither science nor fact.

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